An amazing place on the heights of Ardeche


If you are in search of calm, serenity, nature, come to relax at the “Paradoxe Perdu”.

Our house restored in an ecological concern, mix of stone and metal will welcome you in its simplicity.

We are located a few minutes from the natural lake of Issarlès, on the Ardèche plateau, on the edge of the Haute-Loire and Lozère, halfway between the Puy en Velay and Aubenas.

A land of sources and volcanoes with extinct craters where natural lakes were created, are part of the landscape. The most famous being the Mont Gerbier de Jonc (1551m), where the longest river in France, the Loire, takes its source and makes us the privilege of crossing our place.

The Mont Mézenc (1753m) offers an extraordinary panorama up to the Alps.

The symbolic line of the water partition (Atlantic/Mediterranean) crosses our mountains. Made visible in summer 2017 by several international artists, honouring her with contemporary worlds, she will amaze art lovers.

The exceptional fauna and flora in these sparsely populated and wild landcapes will bring you a true rest. Your hikes will become unforgettable. It doesn’t take long to see a deer at the turn of a path. Put your senses on alert to discover the magnificent medicinal plants and sublime flowers of our mountains. The mushrooms picking for amateurs and gourmets will be a wonderful excuse to browse the woods.

If you identify yourself as a traveller in search of timeless, image-stopping, originality, do not hesitate to push the door of our paradise.


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Route du Lac d’Issarlès


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Half-way between Le Puy and Aubenas on the D116, between the lake of Issarlès and Saint-Cirgues-en-Montagne